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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 39, August 2012
August 22, 2012

Yeah but it's a dry heat

Since it's been over 110, we won't be here in Arizona and you receive this newsletter.

We are taking a two-week cruise to Alaska...which is going to be our frugal tip of the month.

I am writing this on the 16th and it's all set to be delivered on the 22nd.

What do you think of the new look?

If you haven't been to the site lately check it out...

It is a totally new site design and I undertook the change for two reasons.

It has taken several days to complete, since there are 250 pages on site.

Reason number one, I have given credit to Julie as the main reason I could retire early so is about time to put a picture of her on the homepage... Only fair right?

Number two, is the navigation... You can reach any page on the site with the new top down navigation option... A big improvement in my opinion over the bulky left sided navigation of the old design.

Let me hear from you, I won't be able to respond until early September, but I would like your feedback on what you think.

And since the changeover took so much time if there are any errors that you notice please let me know... I would appreciate you pointing out any mistakes.

Freeing up the left side navigation, gave me the opportunity to put a mission statement of what the site is all about on every page... I think it's important and I hope you do too.

Do not forget to refinance

Just when you thought that mortgage rates could not get any lower... The 30 year fixed-rate average dropped from 3.62% to 3.56% last week.

I plead with you if you have not refinanced... Please do so as soon as you can.

Is it totally painless... No... Sometimes the paperwork required by the bureaucracies will drive you nuts... It ranks right up there personally for spending 30 min. on the phone with your satellite TV provider trying to get problems fixed.

It is worth it however... We are initiating the process to refinance our home for the fourth time in a little over two years.

Don't let these low rates pass you by... Please.

Here is my on-site page on refinancing

RSS and blog posts

I must admit that I am a computer dummy...that's why I let Site Build It do all the heavy lifting for me...Check it out

I did not realize that when I changed each page ...that it sent a blog post to your e-mail... So if you have been inundated lately with blog posts as I changed over each page... mea culpa.

For those that have unsubscribed to the RSS feed please come back.

I pledge I will hit the RSS feed and blog button only when I have a brand-new page.

Like I said I'm a computer dummy... But you knew that right?

Frugal Tip of the month...our cruise

When you receive this newsletter we will be somewhere off the coast of Alaska.

We have never been to Alaska, and signed up for a one-week cruise from Vancouver British Columbia to Anchorage.

The price was $799 per person...later I noticed that we could return to Vancouver... Making it a two-week cruise for $899 per person.

Duh, 14 days of being waited on hand and foot... An extra seven days for another hundred bucks??

This is our site ...savings like this get my attention.

Frugal retirement living, is not about scrimping, but not wasting money, so we can spend it on what we enjoy doing... Cruising is one of those things.

14 days together in a small cabin, waited on hand and foot, good food and entertainment... Well it works for us.

If you have taken an Alaskan cruise you often have to deal with split airfares... Flying one way to Anchorage... And another one way flight to Vancouver.

This really drives the price of your airfare up.

The way we are doing this cruise we are flying round-trip to Vancouver... Much cheaper.

Real cheap, taxes only, since we are using the minimum amount of frequent flyer miles to fly to Vancouver.

I'll try to send along a picture of a grizzly or an eagle for you in September.

New site look coming...DONE

I really do hope you like the new look of the site it was a lot of work to change it over but I think the top down navigation make it easier to get around the site.

It took several days of changing one page at a time...

It was a mind numbing experience...

The doctor says the nervous tic that I have developed should go away.

She also told me I should be able to reduce the dosage of the anti-anxiety medication she prescribed during the process.

Julie says I'm doing much better... And is becoming less afraid of taking out in public.

Just kidding, but I am looking forward to getting on that boat in a few days.

Closing thoughts

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks that have been affected by the horrible drought... If this is you or any of your loved ones, you are not forgotten.

Enjoy what's left of the summer... Labor Day is just around the corner... Whatever you do make it a safe one.

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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