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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 38, July 2012
July 22, 2012

Hope you have not melted

I sincerely hope that the faithful readers of this newsletter have not had to endure the power outages or other effects of this unusually hot start to our summer.

Here in the Phoenix area we certainly know about hot weather, but we expect it... If it has been this hot so early, what do the next two months have in store for us?

To tie in a frugal hot weather tip for you...we do not leave the house without icewater... In insulated cups.

Even in, 110° heat, the water will stay cool for several hours...

We find ourselves buying new sets of plastic insulated cups about every two or three years... If you don't have any I would suggest you get some.

We get ours at Costco...

Frugal tip of the day... Refinance

Just when you thought that mortgage rates could not get any lower... The 30 year fixed-rate average dropped from 3.62% to 3.56% last week.

I plead with you if you have not refinanced... Please do so as soon as you can.

Is it totally painless... No... Sometimes the paperwork required by the bureaucracies will drive you nuts... It ranks right up there personally for spending 30 min. on the phone with your satellite TV provider trying to get problems fixed.

It is worth it however... We are initiating the process to refinance our home for the fourth time in a little over two years.

Don't let these low rates pass you by... Please.

Here is my on-site page on refinancing

Vacation tips

I know this is a repeat of last month's letter, but it's good to review again.

If you haven't already it's a good time to review some of the tips for saving money while you're on vacation...

Frugal Vacation Tips

Living Frugal

Guide to Living Cheap

Are some of my most popular pages for tips on how to save when on vacation or at home...there are lots of links to other pages from these three pages.

We will be escaping the Phoenix heat in a couple of weeks so I serviced our now 13-year-old car, with 193,000 miles this morning.

I am not affiliated with Brakemasters in anyway, but I do recommend them because their technicians are not on commission.

Commissioned sales tricks

Have you ever gone in to a repair facility or tire shop just to get an oil change...and had the technician come out, with a serious face, and tell you that your transmission oil looks cloudy, or your brake pads were worn, you're steering is shot...etc?

They make money by turning the $20 oil change into $1200 worth of work that you may or may not need...just beware of their is to earn commissions.

Before I started dealing with BrakeMasters exclusively about six years ago...I saw this played out in customer waiting rooms time and time again... Usually with mothers with children or elderly people.

Be careful.

We have a new business

In addition to our website business... This is the second year that my wife and I have offered housesitting services to people that we know that leave their houses for the summer... We do this for homes only in our community.

I am not trying to solicit your business but only to get you to thinking about easy ways to pick up some additional cash... It is not much but it only takes a couple of hours each week.

So put on your thinking cap... Is there some service you could provide that is not a full-time job for you that will enable you to supplement your retirement income.

Again I am very high on starting a website business...

here is my story

With a 90 day money back guarantee what do you have to lose?

PS... If you can find anyone, especially online, but offers a 90 day guarantee I'd like to hear about it... I have never regretted for one single moment doing business with Site Build It ...simply the best.

Mexican dentist update

Last week my wife and I made the 3 1/2 hour run from our home to Algodones, see the dentist that we have been using for the last 12 years.

Dr. Jerry has moved across the street... Into a very pleasant... And there's not much that is attractive in Algodones, believe me... Collection of shops that has a pleasant walkway and sitting area along with a nice coffee shop.

Here's the link to the page on site...

Mexican dentist...

Ebook's by the author

For a list of all the ebooks I have written click here .

Updating the site map...DONE!!!

I recently discovered that I've done a very poor job of updating the site map on site

Site Map for Frugal retirement Living

I have 246 pages on-site... But that doesn't do me much good if you can't find them... I spent an hour uploading pages that were not on the site map...just A thru C...I probably have another 50 pages to place on the site map.

I have a goal that I will have all the pages with a link from the site map uploaded by the next newsletter.


Another frugal tip

This month Julie and I are making our annual trip to visit her mother in Sacramento and spend time with our buddies in Oregon... the same ones that spend equal time in their Park model in Mesa, Arizona than they do in their custom home in Sunriver Oregon.

Here is the main page on Park model living.

While we are in Oregon we will take advantage of the fact that there is no sales tax in Oregon and purchase, what for us are big-ticket items... A set of tires, a new GPS, and perhaps a new laptop computer.

We will save at least 9% on these items...

here is a list of all five states without sales tax.

We recommend juicing for weight loss

A few weeks ago we watched a documentary about a fella from Australia that was obese and taking lots of prescription meds for ill long list of maladies.

He drank nothing but the juice of fruits and vegetables for 60 days... Lost like 70 pounds and now takes no medication at all.

So we gave it a try for three days, and plan to continue to do this for 3 to 4 days every month... It is a reboot for your body that we found to have very little downside... Julie lost 3 pounds and I lost 7 pounds... And we weren't hungry.

If you are interested...Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain...this is the juicer we recommend.

This is a good book on juicing.

If you have not yet signed up for 15 weight loss tips delivered over five days click here .

If you want to cut to the chase, and use the program that shows you a custom-made eating plan designed specifically for you go here .

I find my weight has stabilized between 173 and 176... Primarily by limiting sugar and processed foods...

Why is weight loss a frugal tip?

Save money on groceries, less visits to the doctor... And in my case a significant drop in blood sugar 100 to 80... You can still fit in that swimsuit...if you just try.

New site look coming

Hopefully by next month's newsletter I will have updated the look and feel of the website

It is been a year or so since I've done this and it seems right for a change... Hope you will like it.

Closing thoughts

Thanks for all, the notes and encouragement... Not a week goes by that someone doesn't write and tell me how much they enjoyed the site.

There seems to be a common thread among the comments... The other sites that they find on retirement on the Internet are all based upon financial planning by the big companies.

The niche that I have selected and enjoy writing about... Is not about making more money, but rather ways to spend less.

You can also follow me on Facebook...I post almost daily with articles that I find to be interesting to baby boomers and retirees.

You should take the time to watch this Paul Harvey tape made in's worth taking the 3 min. to do so.

Be safe, healthy, and hug the ones that you love...

Until August,

Gary and Julie

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