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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 35, April 2012
April 22, 2012

Fellow Frugal Folks

Greetings from the desert... We have already had our first hundred degree day and used the air conditioner last night for the first time.

When we went to bed, we discovered that the bedroom was at 87 degrees... So we bit the bullet and turned it down to 83.

Big deal you say... One of the things that we learned from living on a boat for eight years was a tolerance for heat.

Just keeping the windows open for a few hours in the morning we find keeps our house very comfortable.

A penny saved is a penny earned...I wish I had said that.

Frugal to save when guests arrive

Last week we had house guests for five days... Since they travel in a fifth wheel... They brought their own home.

They are also very frugal and prove that you can have fun entertaining guests and not breaking the bank...ours or theirs.

For example... We ate all meals at our house, with the exception of one lunch... To celebrate two birthdays.

We wanted to see a baseball game while they were visiting... Thanks to the stratospheric salaries of the athletes ticket prices for a baseball game border on the ridiculous.

We went to Stub Hub and bought four tickets for $10 apiece... Behind home plate... We had hotdogs at the house before we left, brought in our own bottle water and peanuts... And with parking and gas we spent less than $60 for the evening.

List price for 4 tickets, plus food and drinks at the ballpark is easily over $200.

Recent articles and ebooks

I have been meaning for quite a while to put in e-book form a how to go from no boating experience to living on a sailboat.

Here is the link

In the last few years I have gotten dozens of requests or inquiries on how to go about explaining to a reluctant spouse or partner that a radical change in lifestyle is not as difficult as you think.

When I first announced, to my bride that I wanted to be living on a sailboat in the Caribbean in five years... She was skeptical at best... So here is a how to manual showing all the steps that we took to enjoy what has become the best eight years of our marriage.

If it this sounds like your situation, you may want to take a look at the book... It's 88 pages long and contains a lot of information that is not on site.

Here is a page on site that lists all of the e-books I have written to date...Click here.

This is the first, Poncho Villa mustache, I have seen on a cactus is in our front patio.

Our weight loss program

More than a few of you have written and said that you've enjoyed the free e-book and ecourse with 15 healthy weight loss tips...

The book is...One easy step to lose weight and improve your health and improve your relationships.

It also signs you up to get a free five day e-mail course on 15 practical weight-loss tips...

Get both here.

We both practice what we preach and are maintaining our weight very close to our goal weights by following the program mentioned in day five of the e-mail course.

I weigh 176 (from 194), Julie weighs 122 (from 130)...Mostly by avoiding sugar and processed foods.

It has become a way of life after three months on the program and you can benefit from the program as well... Or at least from the free 15 healthy weight loss tips in the e-mail course.

It is still time to get in shape for swimsuit season.

Our frugal vacation

Maintaining our weight, may be a challenge... Because...

In order to celebrate Julie's 60th birthday... We will be taking a cruise this Saturday.

Here is how you can save big on a cruise... One of our favorite ways to vacation.

The cruise lines offer something called repositioning cruises in the spring and in the fall...

We are taking a boat from Fort Lauderdale that has been taking vacationers throughout the Caribbean all winter... Across the Atlantic, eight days before our first port Gibraltar...ending up in Rome.

We also got upgraded to a balcony suite for no extra charge...we always pay for a inside cabin...the cheapest cabin, with the same food, same entertainment, as the most expensive suite..

The ship will spend the summer cruising around the Mediterranean.

Our price for a 12 day cruise...$899 a piece... For airfare, we are flying Southwest... They do not penalize you for one-way flights... Plus they don't charge for bags.

Returning from Rome we are using our frequent flyer miles on American... Also a program that does not penalize you for one-way flights.

Other ways to save is to find a hotel... which we did...that offers free airport transfers from the Fort Lauderdale airport and a free transfer to the cruise port.

That alone saves $40.

In next month's newsletter we will give you an extensive list of tips on how to save on a cruise.

Hint... The more you do on your own when you do reach land the more you will save..more next month.

While we will be on vacation Our Site Build It website will be earning money on autopilot.

Click here to find out how

If a cruise vacation is not in your plans, now would be a good time to review the tips for saving money on vacation on the following page...

Guide to living cheap

Or Living frugal

Both pages have links to over 15 other pages all wood money-saving ideas on site.

Here is another money saving page, Buying in bulk... Here's the page on site Is more important than ever.

In closing

Keep the e-mails coming... I enjoy hearing from you and if there is a particular subject you would like to hear addressed on-site let me know.

Until next month, stay healthy and stay frugal.

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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