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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 34, March 2012
March 24, 2012

Hello fellow frugalistas

I have been going back and re-scanning some of the pictures that I took when we were living on our sailboat from 1994 to 2002.

I must admit I am such a dummy... Technically speaking.

I discovered that my all-in-one printer had a feature where I could choose the resolution for the scanner.

The more dots per inch the higher the resolution... So I spent the better part of a day re-uploading pictures that are already on site and some new ones at a higher resolution.

I am planning to make a presentation on a cruise ship soon telling about our sailing adventure... Which seems to be far and away the most popular part of the site.

I needed the higher resolution pictures in order to make the PowerPoint presentation sharper.

As I have stated before, I am sure many of the readers have 10-year-old grandsons and granddaughters... That know more about computers and the Internet than I will ever learn.

Thing goodness that Site Build It does most of the heavy lifting for me on the site...

Click here for more info.

Working after retirement, is going to be more and more of a reality, so I urge you to at least take a look at what I'm doing... Working online.

It's the only "job", I can think of that allows you to appear fully retired.

You can pick and choose your hours and location where you work when you work online.

Thanks again

I would like to thank the five readers that pointed out the mistake that I made in a previous newsletter on future Medicare premiums in 2014.

I appreciate the fact that you care enough about the accuracy of what I write to point out any mistakes that you might find.

Nothing wrong with eating a little humble pie now and then... And I appreciate your thoughtfulness in pointing out my error.

Guess where we found the best hair stylist?

In rescanning the pictures we had taken while we're on the boat... I came across this picture of Julie after we had discovered a hairdresser in of all places Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

The name of the stylist escapes me... But he had a very crowded shop but was always willing to work Julie and I in...

It remains, in both our opinions, the best hairstylist we've ever come across.

The cost, five dollars apiece...

Just goes to show you that moving overseas is not about giving up things that we have somehow come to believe is only available in the United States.

Retiring overseas, should be a frugal retirement living option that you take a look at if you're budget seems to be making retirement seem impossible here in the United States.

IMHO is much better to be retired than continue to check out retiring overseas.

International Living Magazine...This is a resource that anyone contemplating retiring overseas should have... I pay for a subscription myself and find it invaluable in reporting up-to-date news about popular overseas retirement spots.

Want to lose some weight for this summer?

For those that don't use Facebook, I promised a direct link for you to be able to get the five day e-mail course on practical weight loss tips... As well as a free copy of my e-book...One simple step to save money, improve your health, and improve your relationships.

Click here

The tips are mostly common sense, eliminate sugar and processed foods being the basis for losing weight the healthy way.

I realize it swimsuit season is right around the corner... And you folks in the Midwest have already got a taste of swimsuit weather when all the warm weather you have been experiencing.

At any rate, I am positive that you can pick up a few tips that can help you and your family to eat better... Enjoy.

Julie and I have used the eating plan that is mentioned in the last tip for now six weeks... She has gone from 130 to 124, and yours truly from 194 to 180...

Caution... Julie is no longer buying me 36 waist shorts and slacks at we're talking 34 inch waists.

So be aware of a consequence of losing weight... You will have to get some new clothes...nice kind of problem to have.

Goodwill story

Julie's favorite day to shop at Goodwill is Thursday since they have several items marked down to a dollar each.

This last Thursday she bought five pairs of shoes both men's and women that are brand-new...for five dollars total.

These are not for us, but for a friend who has a mission ministry in Mexico... Somewhere there is a needy person that will appreciate new shoes... Goodwill just isn't to buy clothes for ourselves.

Buying bargains for the less fortunate is something you may want to consider... We find it to be very rewarding.

Gas prices make planning your shopping critical

As I write this regular unleaded is $3.90 here in Arizona.

So please be careful about unnecessary trips to the grocery store, especially for a staple that you have run out of.

Buying in bulk... Here's the page on site Is more important than ever.

In closing

I did a guest blog post on a very nice travel blog set up for baby boomers... Check it out here...

For you Kindle owners... And I use mine every day... You can download a copy of my e-book how Successful retirement planning can save your marriage... For $ is the link

Spring training is also in full swing and we took advantage of 2-for-1 prices for seniors last week to see the Reds play the Royals.

I appreciate hearing from readers, and if there's anything that you would like to share... let me know.

All the best for now... Stay frugal talk to you next month,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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