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Frugal Retiring News, January 2012 Issue# 32
January 25, 2012

The reason I am Frugally Retired

In the who am I trying to kid department... The primary reason that I've been able to retire in retire frugally, with fun, and safely since 1994 is my bride, Julie.

Earlier this month we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary... Thanks Angel... You make it all possible.

What makes frugal retirement living unique

This is a post that I commented on the blog "Yes I am cheap"...

Here's the link to the comment... Mine is down the bottom, note the reaction from the blog master.

click here for the blog post

The post is optimistically entitled, "the top five reasons why baby boomers are screwed"

I certainly beg to differ and I think it points to the primary reason why this (frugal retirement living) website is different than almost any others when it concerns baby boomers and/or retiring.

Note that almost all of the comments, are financially driven, blaming the political system, blaming others, and general whining.

This is what we get every day from the news media... Bad news sells... Good news does not... It makes an easier sound bite to say that baby boomers are not going be able to retire... Than it does to point out that there are alternatives for spending less money and still enjoying retirement.

Congratulate yourselves for finding and I hope you spread the word to your friends.

Thank you

For those who responded, to my request for a Facebook like in order to get my first e-book... "How to avoid the five biggest mistakes when planning retirement"...I say thank you.

I received two, out of 1300, complaints that imply that I was invading their privacy and/or selling their e-mail addresses... To those that do not like to use social media (Facebook) I do understand... I use it very little for personal use... but I'm going to use it more and more to promote the ideas, that you've been exposed to for three years, for people to enjoy their retirement.

Just for the record, I have not, I will not, sell the e-mail list, of folks that have subscribe to frugal retiring news.

The reason I ask for your like, is that Facebook will allow you to assign a meaningful name to a fan page after you have 25 likes or more... If I put up a fanpage, for instance on baby boomer exercise... The first URL that you get looks like this...

After 25 likes it could be something like ( that is a phony URL ), but looks a lot better then the monstrosity with all the numbers above.

So as I expand, the subjects that I will be talking about in the future related to baby boomers... I am going to ask for your help again... And ask for likes. all it takes is for 25 of the 1300 of you and I'm off and running.

If you feel this is an imposition... Simply ignore the request... If you would like to help, it would be appreciated.

PS, as soon as your technically challenged webmaster learns the ropes he will be selling the e-book for Kindle readers.

You get it free by looking at the upper right-hand corner of any of the webpages on site... Just enter your e-mail, which I already have, and your PDF downloadable book will be yours instantly.

Let me know what you think

For those looking for a home business

That should be all of you who intend to remain self-reliant... I am continually amazed at people who have used the system that I use to operate this website...Site Build It... That are doing well with subjects that you would never think you could make money on.

For instance, hobbies... And the key is to set up a site on something that you enjoy and does not seem like work to you... Hobbies like, knitting, scrap booking, gardening, woodworking, household repair... All have people looking for that information online... And if your website provides information that they are looking for you can make money.

Here is My page on site

That tells you how to get started... It leads to a series of pages with videos of me, that talks about how I got started, how you can choose a subject to write upon, the truly unbelievable 90 day money back guarantee...(find any other web company, like SBI, that offers a 90 day money back guarantee... I'll send you 20 bucks)... So check it out you really have nothing to lose... It is a lot of hard work as I told the reader that signed up through my site a few weeks ago, but anything worth having requires hard work.

Please don't think that your hobby or interest would not be in demand... There are billions of people looking for information on the Internet... Someone, somewhere, is looking for your unique experiences... And it will become profitable to you.

In closing

Julie and I certainly hope that your 2012 is off to a good start, in good health and happiness.

Let us hear from you, your e-mails are always a source of constant encouragement.

All the best... God bless,

Julie and Gary

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