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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #001
June 22, 2009
Hello <>,

Frugal Retiring News Issue #01

Greetings to those of us who would rather retire than continue to work.

This is the first issue of Frugal Retiring News and I want to ask for your help in determining that future content reflects what you the reader are interested in. So please let me know what you would like to read about on the site, what you donít care about, etc... The only thing I will not write about is how to invest. I will focus on spending less, not how to earn more money.

Here are some areas that I plan to cover in the near future:

A) As I will be 64 in a few months I will soon be going through the process personally of choosing a supplemental insurance coverage for Medicare. I know less than zero about the various policies but will learn and share this with you.

B) Along the lines of health care I would also like to share with you what we do to stay in shape, thatís our own way of keeping our health care costs down. We pay as we go with a $10,000 deductible policyÖstill costs $300 a month. Yuk.

The latest issue (July/August) of AARP magazine states on page 26 that Americans spend $8300 per person per year on health care. It is estimated to be $13,000 by 2017. I donít know about you but that scares me. Staying healthy has got to be a priority for retiring.

Another area I plan to cover is living off the gridÖor in areas without power, water or sewer hookups. We were self sufficient on the boat with 2 solar panels and a wind generator.

We also had a fresh water tank that held 90 gallons of water. That would last us 2 weeks, a shower a day, doing the dishes and our drinking water. Compare that to the US family of four that uses 400 gallons a day. Sounds like some articles on conservation are on tap (sorry).

I remain convinced that there are ways to retire, spend a lot less, and live well, we have done it and so can you.

Retire overseas will also be also be given more attention. There is another area that turns a perceived negative (I donít have enough money!!!) into a positive (I can live better on less and have a maid to boot!).

It all depends on our attitude. Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

If you are interested on more info on me that I donít want on site, I am a former army brat who went to 11 schools in grades 1 -12. I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines, spent 14 less than enjoyable years in corporate life moving 4 times.

The next 14 years of my working life was spent in commercial real estate brokerage. The last 10 I worked out of the house with no secretary,that was semi tolerable.

My much better half, Julie, my wife of 34 years was the only good thing about corporate life. I met her at work in California, she is a native of the Bay area.

She should be doing the site, they call her the Goodwill queen at church. She has been like that ever since I first met her,lucky me.

I know I said this on site but if your relationship isnít the best a boat, RV or park model can get really small with no privacy. We love our time together especially the last 14 years, small space living is no problem.

In closing I would like to say thank you for signing up for the newsletter, your email is safe, and I am flattered that you want to hear more about frugal retirement living.

God Bless,


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