Florida retirement communities offer fun in the sun

Florida retirement communities are what most folks think about when getting ready to retire.

What is not to like about life that is warm in the winters and close to the ocean.

Florida being a peninsula, means you are never more than say a few hours to the water.

Beach anyone?

The white powder sand of Destin

This is what you are talking about when you mention powder like, blindingly brilliant sand. If the beach is your thing you cannot beat Florida.

If there are finer beaches anywhere in the US than in Florida, I would like to see them.

I am especially fond of the beaches in the peninsula Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach,Destin...are all wonderful if you love the beach.

The sand is so soft, it can be very tiring walking in it... But it's worth the effort.

If you are not a local, check with the lifeguards, surf shops, or any local to make sure that you know where the dangerous riptides are.

When in doubt stay very close to others in the water.

Picking the right Florida retirement community

This will be a pleasant problem for you to tackle...the choices are endless in the Sunshine state.

You should however, go slow and do some homework first.

  • Check the developer very carefully
  • Talk to current residents without a salesperson present
  • Make sure you understand the homeowners association setup and costs
  • If possible, visit and investigate other properties this developer has built

If the above seems a bit much, sorry, but the current economic situation makes it more difficult for developers to sustain some projects.

Be wary of promises of infrastructure to be built as the community grows...it may not grow at the pace the developer first planned.

It is very easy to get caught up in a slick sales presentation.

This is no time for making a quick decision.

Your choice of a Florida retirement community, is a big one...be slow and cautious, it will pay off in the long run.

Your Florida retirement community checklist

After doing the above homework to check out the developer, don't stop there.

  • What are the age restrictions of the community?
  • Do they have the activities you want?
  • Do you relate to the residents?
  • Is the community close to good health care?
  • Is it close to airports?
  • is it close to the cultural activities you enjoy?

Central Florida has strong attractions

Not only is Disney World and Sea World located outside of Orlando, the horse country of Ocala is catching on with retirees who have shoveled their last driveway.

The home prices in central Florida are generally lower than ocean front homes.

The Villages deserves special mention

Would you believe there is free entertainment every night at the town square? There are now 60,000 people living here...and why not.

Currently they have 35 golf courses...many country clubs and more activities than you can imagine.

It is a land-based cruise ship on steriods...and there is room for you as well...total population is planned at 100,000.

Here is more information on this Florida retirement community from the developer.

I am sure you will recognize the song.

Don't forget Florida park model communities for retirement

If frugal retirement living is the main driver in your retirement...or if you want to maintain 2 residences, do not over look this great way to live cheaply.

Florida has many, many parks for folks who want to breathe the same air as the swankier neighborhoods.

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