E-readers, for the book lover in all of us

E-readers, easily justify the cost

Here are the two e-readers in our house, first we purchased the Kindle Fire on the left... and this Christmas the Kindle paperwhite.

Technology can truly make your life enjoyable... sometimes it is maddening to go through the learning curve of new gadgets, I never have mastered the basics of my " smart phone" for instance... but e-himreaders are a must if you enjoy reading books.

We can show you how I justify the cost of both these devices, and how you can justify the costs too...if you use the library and other frugal living ideas...you cannot beat free remember.

E-readers how to justify the cost

Up until 18 months ago, visiting the public library was a 1-2 a week event, the library is high on the list of frugal living ideas... your tax dollars keep them open and we happen to have a very fine one in Surprise, Arizona.

It is 15 miles round-trip from my house to the library... lets assume 50 trips per year, my car gets 16 to 18 miles per gallon, and let's assume $3.50 per gallon for gasoline.

That's an expense of $154 every year... the Kindle fire cost $200, the Kindle paper white cost $119... so on the basis of saving gas alone you can easily justify buying an e-book reader on what you would spend in an average year going to the library.

E book readers vs a tablet

The Kindle fire, wherever there is an Wi-Fi connection, becomes a lot more than just an e-book reader... you can check/send your emails, surf the web...tablets are a mini laptop.

Kindles and The Nook, the popular Barnes & Noble, e-readers/tablets can be purchased here......The Nook is rated slightly higher than the Kindle products... it's a matter of personal preference.

I find that the single-purpose, e-book reader only, Kindle paperwhite works just fine for me... and I always have a book going... my library allows me to check out 10 at a time.

E-book readers... another big advantage

This site is not called frugal retirement living...by chance, and if you must have the best sellers as soon as they come off the shelf... you can save 50% by buying the electronic version versus the printed edition.

I admit I did purchase a sudoku app for my Kindle...For $.99... other than that I rent books for free from the library.

Please don't get me wrong, I do enjoy walking through a bookstore... I just rarely purchase anything... on our rare trips to the mall, my wife always deposits me in the bookstore... she calls it day care for adults.

But stop and think about the ease of searching for a particular type of book electronically, versus strolling the isles of the bookstore.

I can enter thrillers or mysteries or fiction or whatever... narrow the search for Kindle applications, choices that are available currently for checkout...sort by popularity... and identify hundreds of books to choose from all available at the click of a button.


Of all the latest high-tech gadgets, my favorite is e-book readers, I use mine everyday

If you follow my logic of eliminating trips, and the consequent cost, of going to the library...you can justify the expense rather easily. 

Thank you for reading E-readers...