Arizona retirement living...why we call it home

Arizona retirement living is our number one pick for active retirement living. Come see why.

Why did we choose Arizona?

There were basically four reasons we choose Arizona.

We would make the same choice today that we did in 2004.

Although the real estate market is different...isn't it different everywhere?

It still offers the best total package that we were looking for many years ago.

It may not make sense, with such a very dry climate... Arizona boasts some of the greenest, lushest golf courses that you can find anywhere in America.

Arizona still has room for you as well.

Four reasons we chose Arizona

  • Weather
  • Cost of housing and living
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • We really did our homework


We live outside of Phoenix, it did not freeze at all last winter, never too cold to play golf.

If you look at a topo map Arizona is mostly forest rather than desert. The two major cities are Phoenix and Tucson which are desert like.

However, in two hours you can be out of the Phoenix heat and in the cool pine trees of Prescott or Payson. It is a very diverse state.

Arizona Cost of Living

When we purchased our house in 2004 the base price per foot was less than $100 a square far the cheapest we had found in our travels.

We Rved for 6 years looking for a place to"retire". 

With the current depressed real estate market, bad for sellers, wonderful for buyers, you can do very well if you are just moving to Arizona for your best retirement living location.

Recreational opportunities

This is tied in with the weather but you will be hard pressed to find a better or cheaper place to play golf in retirement.

Thanks to the Colorado River our courses are green year round.

If golf is not your thing, hiking and camping opportunities abound in the Grand Canyon state.

Real Estate values hold

In Arizona, like the rest of the US, real estate has taken a hit. We personally were not immune...but our community lost the least home value of any of the 70 plus communities in the Phoenix area that was surveyed... so there is some consolation in that fact.


Arizona retirement living is tops in our book, we would choose Arizona again today...there is room for you too. We were not born here but got here as fast as we could.

Retiring to Arizona

Things to do in Phoenix

Official state of Arizona website

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