Arizona is healthy, as well as warm

Arizona is healthy...Arizona has the lowest cancer rate in the United States. It also has the second lowest cancer death rate in the United States. 

Another reason for choosing Arizona retirement living.

The report was based on information from the Center for disease control and prevention... And the National Cancer Institute.

Of the 10 types of cancer reported on, the only cancer that Arizona was above the national average was for thyroid cancer. 

Despite well over 330 days of sunshine a year, Arizona is below the national average for melanomas of the skin. 

Many people move to Arizona for health reasons...

Ask your doctor if your particular health situation could be improved by living in Arizona. 

Other health benefits of living in Arizona

If having the lowest incidence of cancer, 378 cases for every 100,000 people vs. the national average of 465 per 100,000, isn't enough to convince you to retire to Arizona...maybe the sunshine is .

Because it is almost always sunny in Arizona, over 330 days of sunshine per year, we often comment when we see a cloud while we're playing golf. It does make you jaded, I admit I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could... 7 wonderful years and counting.

Putting on sunblock soon becomes a habit for anyone venturing outside in Arizona... A small price to pay in my humble opinion.

Arizona is expanding cancer treatment centers

Despite the low incidence of cancer, several companies are expanding their presence of cancer clinics in Arizona. 

The Cancer treatment centers of America is expanding... As well as Banner health opening a large clinic in Gilbert, Arizona later this year. 

Active retirement communities contribute to good health

Because the weather encourages folks to go outside in Arizona, the many active adult retirement communities provide the recreational outlets to enjoy the outdoors. 

For instance, if you have not heard of the game of pickle ball... You soon will when you retire to Arizona... The sound of a Wiffle ball hitting an oversize ping-pong paddle will soon become familiar. 

Living near the pickle ball courts in our home we can hear pickle ball players still going at it at 8:30 PM. 

Outdoor living means outdoor dining

When we lived in Houston we found that there were two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall that we could consider sitting outside in the evening time... The humidity and bugs made it impossible otherwise. 

The same would apply to Florida.

Just two weeks ago we ate outside when the temperature was we are not crazy... We have a ceiling fan over our outdoor dining table that made us very comfortable. 

On the other side of the coin, many of our friends have propane powered "stoves", that enable them to eat outside anytime they want... Arizona is good for your health because you can breathe fresh air almost 24 hours a day. 


Arizona is healthy, is not a statement that will incur controversy... This new study showing the low incidence of cancer among Arizonans is further reinforcement that wise retirees will give Arizona a long hard look in choosing the best state to retire. 

Arizona is healthy

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Here's proof of Arizona having the most sunshine

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