Arizona cities... Lots of choices for the retiree

another Arizona sunset

Arizona cities...decisions, decisions...retiring to Arizona is a good thing... But you will find that you will have so many choices in finding the exact location in Arizona for your can be daunting.

We hope that you find the process as fun as we did.

Choosing which Arizona city to retire in can take a while... So below is a listing of links to the various cities in Arizona that would be good choices for retirement. 

Neither my wife or I were born here it is, but we got here as fast as we could... 2004.

Primarily because the sunshine you couldn't get us out of here with wild horses.

I almost plead with you, prior to making a decision on where to retire visit Arizona for a while... Give it a chance.

You will thank me later.

The 10 largest cities are Phoenix, Tucson, and eight cities very close to the Phoenix area.

The Phoenix area is referred to the Valley of the Sun... And with over 300 days of sunshine, some say 333 is more accurate, it is no wonder why so many people choose Arizona for retirement.

We are so jaded at times... Whenever we see a cloud from the golf course we ask... what's going on?

Now we do enjoy getting away from the heat in July and August, but we can't wait to get home.

Phoenix at a little over 4 million people, is the 12th largest metropolitan area in the United States... but in land area it is so vast it ranks much higher. 

Choosing Arizona over Florida? I personally love going to Florida... I never tire of going to Disney World...but I never have to worry about hurricanes,bugs, flooding, or tornadoes living in Arizona.

Cities in Arizona to choose from

Choosing an Arizona city

There is something very healthy about seeing sunshine in over 90% of the days throughout the year... whenever we do have an occasional cloudy day we sometimes overreact... Sunshine is something very easy to like... Sometimes we take it for granted. So there are many places in Arizona to choose from for retirement purposes... Pick your climate and come on down and see us. 

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Arizona Department of revenue website

Arizona's official website

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