4 Best ways to Save Money

4 best ways to save money...If you want to retire and do not want to work fulltime (an oxymoron) you need to make sure you know the 4 best ways to save money...these are all easy...these are all essential to enjoying retirement.

No matter what your age, whether retired or planning to retire...these 4 areas will help you increase the number of retirement options available to you.

These are the things to do before you look at the option of overseas retirement...it is much cheaper to live overseas than here, but it is nice to have the option to retire in the US as well.

I'll be in the USA as long as I can...but it is nice to know you have that option open to you as well.

4 best ways to save money... starts with no credit card debt

Credit card companies charge rates that would make Al Capone blush...the average American family owes $16,000 in credit card debt. If you do not eliminate this debt, at say 18%, how are you going to build a retirement nest egg, when interest rates on savings are 1%...answer you can't...get rid of them.

No you don't buy something you can't pay for...no matter how much you think you are entitled to new stuff. This is retirement enemy number one. ..and enemy 2,3, ...you get the picture. If you do not believe this...this site cannot help you.

If you read the 4 best ways to save money, and only do this one, you are way ahead of the pack and stand a very good chance of meeting your retirement goals.

If you do have credit card debt the rest of this website may not be of value.

Use public facilities that are free

I love going to Barnes and Noble...I rarely buy anything...but I enjoy reading the magazines, etc. I have friends that have the latest books at home...I read the same books but I get them free from the library.

Most folks look down their nose at public transportation...we took the bus for 8 years in the Caribbean...no gas, no oil, no insurance, no maintenance. Look and see how you can cut down your expenses by using things that are free or low cost and available to everyone.

Why not use the library? You pay for it with your tax dollars why not take advantage of its many resources.

Think the library is passe with all the e-book readers? Think again, more and more libraries, including mine, enable you to check out e-books and read them from your particular e-book reader...

Eat at home

Not only much cheaper, it is much healthier...which compounds your savings. Avoid fast food like the plague...bring a sack lunch...pack food and drink in a cooler on trips...you will then be traveling more efficient, stopping only for fuel and to stretch.

Why more folks don't cook for themselves is a mystery...you leave a lot of money on the table when you go out to eat.

Use coupons for groceries

My frugal  bride uses coupons for 90% of all items purchased at the store. It has been a way of life since we were married in 1975...if you do not use them start today...there is gold in your paper on Sundays and Wednesdays, pick it up!

Do not see coupons for something you want email the company and ask for them...they will send them to you everytime. Here is a link to the Coupon Queen...get started today.

OK nowadays in the era of smartphones your coupon book is replaced by online coupons and such.

Here is a true story...Sunday after church, we had run out of eggs...stopped at store on the way home...I stayed in car...wife came out with 2 dozen eggs.

I asked how much...she said...$0.24...that is $0.01 per egg...somehow they tasted better.


The 4 best ways to save money will increase your retirement options by reducing your expenses. Now is the time to form good habits that will carry over into retirement.

4 best ways to save money

The guide to living cheap

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