2016 election and baby boomers... what will be the effect on us?

2016 election and baby boomers...letting a business person have a chance at running our country, in my opinion, will be good for the boomers...how could Washington get any worse.

Politicians and the media have approval ratings below 20%...too high personally.

2016 election and baby boomers... point number one

If anyone thinks, that it's going to be business as usual…  I would hold that you are in for a surprise.

The cabinet president elect Donald Trump, is putting together is composed of successful, and therefore wealthy business people, people that have run businesses in such a manner that has been successful not only to their stockholders but to their employees.

Wealth follows success.

How they will interact with the entrenched bureaucracy that exists now in Washingtom,DC...  I am betting that they will find tremendous waste and inefficiency in departments that are intended to improve the lives of our citizenry, not drive small business owners, the real winners, crazy with regulations.

With the greatest tax reduction in history now law...watch what happens in 2018.

2016 election and baby boomers... point number two

With a 20 trillion dollar debt, which is only  projected to go up and up, it will be interesting to see how business principles can apply to a gov't in the same way but they applied to a business.

If businesses were run like the government is today the stock of every department in Washington would soon be worthless…

That should get your attention as to the effect of the election on baby boomers.

2016 election... point number three

I enjoyed looking back at my page that put up in 2012 concerning the election.

How things have changed and how hopeful I am concerning the future.

As baby boomers, I was very concerned about what would happen to Medicare Advantage..  I am pleased to say that over the last four years my Health Care options have remained basically unchanged with no real noticeable premium increase…  So personally I was very concerned about the plan to remove $716,000,000,000 from the Medicare Advantage plan.

My wife's, Blue Cross insurance has gone up about $100 from $160 to $266 dollars per month…  She will be on Medicare next year, so I will assume that her premium will be essentially the same as mine, or maybe even done little less.

So in conclusion I am very optimistic about the future...one how could government get any worse...and two, we have never had a businessman and women who are not afraid to use the term "winning"...I cannot imagine that they will accept losing as an option.

Take heart it is a great time to be an American.

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