Retiring in Belize... No second language requiredRetiring in Belize

Retiring in Belize, formerly British Honduras, has the advantage of not requiring a second language.

Having said that the natives speak English requires a caveat.

Living eight years in the Caribbean taught me that at the natives want to speak among themselves, with you present, you will not pick up one word in 10.

They speak in what they call a patois, a sing song lilt that is pleasant to listen to but hard to understand.

Personally, I think it is only good manners to try and learn the native language of a foreign country that you retire to... In the case of Belize, since they speak English, that is not necessary.

If Belize is of any interest to you I would get this report Belize, the owner's manual...

Geography of Belize

Belize is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by Mexico and Guatemala.

Offshore lies 200 miles of barrier reef, second only in size to the great barrier reef of the northeastern coast of Australia.

Belize owners manual

It is this reef and the islands in its boundaries that attract the retirees.

If sport fishing, diving or the beach life is what retirement means to you... Belize should be given consideration. 

Where to live when retiring in Belize

The islands offshore are the most popular... The main means of transportation are golf carts and bicycles, the roads are hardpacked sand.

You won't need shoes to wear in.

Some of these islands are accessible only by boat...mmmm, sounds like heaven to me.

Living on the mainland

The total population of Belize is 300,000, the capital city is Belize city, the home of the main airport... Most residents of Belize live on the mainland.

retiring in Belize surrounded by historyThe above picture is a Mayan temple recovered from the dense jungle.


If language is a concern. You should consider retiring in Belize 

It is also a favorite of divers and sport fishermen due to the proximity of the barrier reef. 

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Belize, how to live there...for Less

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