Retire in Italy... it can be done frugally

retire in Italy

We visited Italy in 2012, it is very easy to see why so many retirees consider Italy as a place to live.

Very few cities can boast of structures over 2000 years old, combined with art and history at every turn.

Some come because of the family background, some come to enjoy the history, and others come to be closer to the center of the Catholic Church... all will find a warm welcome at prices that do not break the budget.

For the best resource on Italian living get Italy, the owner's manual Right now living in Italy is very low on the retirement radar, but you will find many ex-pats to share a cappuccino or two while you learn a new language... although we found that many Italians speak very good English...I think it is just good manners to learn the local language if you retire overseas... the Italians will appreciate your attempt to become closer to their heritage.

Where in Italy

Tuscany comes to mind as one of the favorite places for Italian retirement... you are surrounded by vineyards, great cuisine, and a warm northern Italian culture that welcomes visitors.

Like all European countries, Italy seems to be struggling in economic terms... but this can be a plus for a buyer of Italian real estate.

One man's problem is another man's opportunity.

retire in Italy,  Trevi fountain

Consider Rome  retire in Italy,  Trevi fountain If you need a big-city feel, Rome is hard to beat...we found that people to be very friendly and the Metro system makes it very easy to get around the eternal city.

When we left Rome, we walked to the central train station and caught an express train to Leonardo da Vinci airport... from the time we left our hotel to the terminal was less than one hour.

Metro passes are inexpensive and highly recommended.Here's the lonely planet guide to Italy, a travel guide not to be confused with the owner's guide.

Rent before you buy

If you are contemplating on moving to any foreign country is always prudent to rent before you purchase, it may save you from making a very expensive mistake.

You may travel like a tourist to start with, but once you find an area to retire in Italy, look for an apartment to rent for at least 3 to 6 months before making a purchase.


To retire in Italy requires patience as the pace of life is not as fast as you may be used to in the United States or Canada... but that's a good thing right?

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