Can I retire?...Who are you asking?

Can I retire? bet you can

If you are asking this question. Be careful who you ask...Why?

If you ask your financial will be told no...I guarantee even if you win the lotto, your financial planner will say no...he or she is losing a client.

Ask your co workers? Same answer...No...they are miserable at should be too.

Ask friends and family? Probably no as well, change is difficult for most folks...maintaining the status quo is the easiest way for most.

Why you should say yes to retirement

Number one, you are getting older every day...less able to do physical things that you want to do in retirement.

We have been retired since 1994, I was born in 1945, do the math, we are loving it...there is no way we will go back to work...if economics forces our hand we have a fallback position.

It is your life, you will never get encouragement from others to retire. Our friends, and financial planner, said we were nuts 18 years ago...they are still working and we are still retired.

So do not expect to hear encouragement to retire and you will not be surprised when the nay-sayers hold forth...

Number two, retirement is better than is less stressful and therefore healthier... you know it and the nay-sayers do as well...they are angry and jealous. When are you going to take some time for yourself? If not now...when?

What is the downside?

Our friends that said we could not retire in 1994...they are still working...and are mostly mad at themselves for not retiring as well when we did.

Nothing can take back the wonderful years we have been retired...the sailboat...the Caribbean...the RV...the life we live now.

The time that we have spent together is priceless and I wouldn't swap it for anything. 

Can I retire?...we said yes in about you?

Can I retire?

Early retirement planning