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Your best retirement plan is the one that gets you retired the quickest...that is not as oversimplistic as you might think.

How many times do you hear..."I will retire when I save up x amount of money..."

The glaring error that this retirement plan mindset points out is we are physically unable to do things the more we age.

And I am not referring only to sex.

How many people do you now that is in better physical shape at 60 than 50?

Be careful, with your retirement plans... you may be swapping years you could be retired, for extra money.

You will never hear a financial planner say, "Go ahead have enough money"...have you?

They lose a client if you do. 

That doesn't make them bad people that's just a fact of life. 

Let me know if you've ever been encouraged by a financial planner to retire early.

Why your plan should be time driven and not dollar driven

A study was done in 2002 at a large aerospace company. The actuaries at this well known company,were puzzled why they were not paying out as much to retirees as planned. A nice problem for them.

The short version of the study, those that retired at 65 lived an average of 18 months in retirement. Those that took early retirement at 50 lived to be 86. I do not know about you but waiting until 65 doesn't sound like the best retirement living to me... 

Here is off site link to full study

Why does retiring at 65 leave little time to enjoy retirement?

Could it be:

  • The more you work the more stress you experience
  • You are physically worn out
  • You have not had a chance to relax
  • You know that life is passing you by


Your best personal retirement plan should be to retire as quickly as possible. Would not it be better to live longer with less money ...than to retire late, be rich, and pass sooner? 

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