North Carolina retirement communities...lots of choicesNorth Carolina retirement communities

North Carolina already has over one million retirees over the age of 65. Why?

Florida may be too crowded for some, North Carolina has lots of open space.

North Carolina feels younger to many folks that have given up on Florida as the best place to retire.

Asheville , North Carolina was recently voted the top retirement city in the country.

Over 9 million folks live in North Carolina, the economy is in relatively good shape due to the attraction of North Carolina being a desirable place to live.

The climate is rather moderate, global warming notwithstanding, it offers mild winters and doesn't get too hot in the summertime.

What are some other reasons to retire in North Carolina?

Some other factors that makes North Carolina a great place to retire:

  • It seldom freezes on the North Carolina coast
  • A relatively low cost of living
  • A low cost of housing
  • A diverse economy...manufacturing, services, and agriculture
  • Social Security income is not taxed...taxes are favorable to pensions
  • Great opportunites for active retirment

It is popular with Baby Boomers

A recent poll of Baby Boomers by Del Webb showed the Carolinas overtaking Florida and Arizona as the state they would most like to retire to.

The poll showed the two biggest factors in choosing the best retirement state were...cost of living and health care.


This new poll surprised many and the time to become a Tarheel retiree may be now. The North Carolina retirement communities have room for you and will give you a warm welcome... 

North Carolina retirement communities

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