California Retirement Communities

California retirement communities...the Bear republic

Retiing to California? For some nothing else will do. Why?

Say what you will...for those accustomed to California there is no better place to retire.

The combination of good weather and the vibrancy of the world's fifth largest economy...can be found in no other state.

Folks that feel if you are not living in California, you are just camping out...will accept no other retirement state.

California's budget crisis

No one knows what will happen to a state with a 26 billion dollar budget shortfall. If the banks are too big to fail surely California...whose GNP is larger than all but five countires GNP...will not go belly-up.

If you are the queasy type you may want to look elsewhere.

Hollywood's impact

There is something cool about being in the middle of the entertainment capital of the world. It is glamorous to those who must see the latest from Tinseltown.

Best retirement location in California

San Diego has the best climate in the state...maybe the is a matter of taste. It is very popular with military retirees from the Navy, due to the availabilty of military bases and their medical facilities.

For the writer however, nothing beats the wine country above San Fancisco...there are other wine producing areas in Califronia I just do not have not spent much time there.

Give me the Healdsburg, Geyserville area anyday. There is a romance about the wine industry that is palpable...and the wine is not bad either.

Be careful driving when wine tasting at the many wineries that have tatsing rooms...some free, some not. Cheers.


Not for everyone but for some the California retirement communities offer it all for a vibrant retirement.

California retirement communities

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